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istikhara online expert services introduction

istikhara online | online istikhara

Today we find that there is business and services provider on the internet labelled as an online service provider with a lot of satisfied customers and real services.istikhara online are the services offered by the internet by people or scholar claiming to be online istikhara specialist and experts.

They offer their services by translating the meaning of the dream of a person reaching them and for knowing the meaning of their dream or predict their future in the light of the dream or predict their future in the light of the dream they saw.The dream may be random or the result of the act of istikhara he / she performed.Now I have cleared that point in the article relating salat al istikhara and dua e istikhara that process of dream istikhara is false and not proven by sunnah and hadith.The process of istikhara by dream was never performed by Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and thus the services of online istikhara claiming that they forecast the dreams and predict their future is all fake and just another to get money out of people’s pocket. This proves that istikhara online services are fake and fraud just looting innocent people.

Istikhara online services or business

Istikhara is meant for personal use for a Muslim  to seek guidance from ”Allah Subbhana Talla””.It is not meant to be practised as a commercial activity to earn money like tarot and horoscope services do.

How istikhara online services trap innocent people

Now, what happens next is that when someone contacts the person claiming to be an istikhara specialist and he/she tells him about his/her dream the fake fraud online istikhara specialist asks him for service charges which are normally 15 to 25 $ dollars.The person pays these fake people and then what happens is the real trouble start as once they have paid now they will pay further.

Online istikhara services  emotionally blackmailing people

When the so-called istikhara specialist receives the initial amount from the client then he tells him/her that the dream they saw was not a good sign for them regarding their love health marriage business or any other sensitive issue.Then the fake online istikhara specialist becomes the spiritual healer or an expert black magician even a spiritual healer “lol”.He then claims he has angels and jinns under his control and he can get him/her get out of the problem and bad symptoms of the dream which will affect their lives in the future.

I think I have disclosed the reality of istikhara online services or business will be a more appropriate word.So never pay a single penny to them or you will be in a bigger trouble as they will first trap you with free services or take a little initial payment and later play with your emotions to get more money out from your pocket.

Critical warning about istikhara online services 

Remember one thing that our beloved prophet told us that never tell your bad dreams to anyone because dreams are like the birds as soon as they are predicted the thing predicted  then will happen ,So most people don’t know that the prophet (p.b.u.h) the above statement and about the good dreams prophet (p.b.u.h) said that only tell them to the one who loves or really care about you.So how can you accept that the person doing istikhara for money and his own greed can be your good wisher?

Free istikhara online services

People are very fond of free istikhara online services,wow what a nice slogan free services to trap people seems a great idea,but oh what happens next that the istikhara healer after knowing the weakness of the person claims that he can make his/her wish come true by his supernatural powers and for that he needs money to bring special things for the ritual,but all the money is going in his pocket.

Istikhara online spiritual classified services

Nowadays we can see hundreds of ads if we search google for classified istikhara online services displayed in the free section as a lot of classified websites are providing free services claiming istikarah online services with the addition that they can solve your problems.A lot of similar ads are seen on tv and cable adds so be aware of these fraud and fake services.If they knew about the future they would never beg you for the istikhara fees.

How to find real istikhara online services

In this last paragraph, i will tell you how to find true istikhara online service which could really help you.

  1. A real istikhara expert will never advertise on any media or online,you can find him by word of mouth.They would never ask you for money.
  2. A real online istikhara service will never later claim to later to solve your problem ,they will just guide you in the light of Quran and sunnah.
  3. Real istikhara service will never advertise in newspaper tv ads cable tv or free classified ads on the web.
  4. A real spiritual istikhara expert will never ask for your picture or mothers name.
  5. A true istikhara specialist will never meet women in person.
  6. Look for google verified the business address of a person that whether he is address has been verified by google or not.
  7. Look what name is he using ,is he using his real name or the fake name like sha Ji ,hafiz sb,share,amil baba, and so on.
  8. The last main point a real istikhara service will guide you through the process of original process of salat al istikhara and dua e istikhara and never mislead you in any aspect.

All the meanings and the true picture of istikhara online has been exposed for the help of the innocent people trapped by greedy and evil people who claim to be religious scholars and online istikhara and online istikhara specialist.








salat al istikhara complete knowledge

Salat al istikhara | salat istikhara

popularity and the amount of monthly searches performed in google show interest in the topic of ”salat al istikhara’‘ defining its importance.So this article has been written to provide complete information and explain the term and its uses.
The word salat is an Arabic word and is used many times in Quran,it is a combination of two words “salat” which means invocation or a special act of worship.It refers to the act of calling or praying demanding presence with softness and kindness.The second term istikhara means to seek or ask for guidance from Allah in any matter of life.I disagree with the statement that it is only used to choose between two options.It can be used to seek help and guidance from the lord in any matter.

So the conclusion that salat istikhara means to perform a special act of worship to seek guidance from ”Allah” for any matter or decision of life.

How to perform salat al istikharah

The salat istikhara is performed in the same manner as ordinary namaz or prayer is offered for any specific purpose known as nafal namaz with 2 rakats also known as salat al hajat ,the only difference is that salat al istikhara is performed with the intentions of doing the specific act of istikharah to seek guidance and help from god before making an important decision of life business studies or any other concern .The procedure is explained in simple steps:

1.Take fresh bath and make wudu
2.Find a suitable time when there is silence.
3.Use a light fragrance which makes you relax
4.There is no fixed time for performing salat al istikhara
5.Now say takbir with intentions of istikhara
5.once done recite dua for istikhara
6.remember to recite duas for istikhara at end
7.It is recommended to recite the dua for 11 times.
8,Remember to recite Durood 11 times in the beginning and at the end.


Now what will happen next and how will you find an answer for your questions?

This is the question a lot of people ask and the answer to it is that you will have clear feelings in your heart or your mood will change in a positive or a negative aspect about the answer to your question.This requires closing your eyes after the procedure and concentrate observe that that what are your heart feeling after performing the istikharah and follow the change and guidance from ”Allah” for the best results and to avoid any sort of inconvenience by your decision.

How Many times and when can one perform istikhara ?

The answer to this question is that it can be done as many times as you want or until you get a clear answer or guidance for your required question.The salat istikharah can be offered anywhere but it is highly recommended that it shall be performed in a place which is quiet and nobody interrupts you throughout the process,as you need keen observation and deep concentration what answer your heart brings out. A second thing if you are confused and can’t read your heart ,the easier way is to keep on performing the act and praying to ”Allah” that if it’s good for me make it happen or otherwise i shall not be able to do that.

Misconception About salat Istikhara

The trend and misconception about istikhara have been evolved in the Muslim community that our prophet used to do the act of salat ul istikharah and then sleep .Then he was being told the answer to his query in the dream .This is totally wrong and false practice which can be proven if we observe the following facts about the dreams in the light or Quran and sunnah that what kind of dreams can a person have:

1.Dreams showed by Allah
2.Evil dreams by satanic allies
3.Thoughts of the day

Now we can see that if a person sees a dream after performing salat istikhara he/she can’t be clear that which type of dream he saw and maybe misguided in this process.So this is a false practice which was never practices by our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h) .

When To perform salat al istikhara

1. Selecting your marriage accomplice

2.Important instructive professions choice

3.Decision for beginning another business

4. marriage choice

5.Buying another house

6.Selling a property

7.Agriculture movement

8.Purchasing any sort of benefits

9.Making a critical contract

10.Giving an advance to somebody.

Great Benefit of istikhara

The greatest support a person gets from salat al Istikharah is that man becomes free from his materialistic desires, his selfishness and greed or a wish he wanted to become true in any case subject to his desire and he hands himself over to Allah. once he does this, he reaches the stage of peace and harmony as god knows what is better for his/her future.So it’s very true that a person by performing this act becomes free from worries and overcome his desires and wishes.He awaits that what will happen will be with god and would be better for him.

Dua salat al istikhara (Hadith English )

‘ (O Allah! I ask guidance from Your knowledge, And Power from Your Might and I ask for Your great blessings. You are capable and I am not. You know and I do not and You know the unseen. O, Allah! If You know that this job is good for my religion and my subsistence and in my Hereafter–(or said: If it is better for my present and later needs)–Then You ordain it for me and make it easy for me to get, And then bless me in it, and if You know that this job is harmful to me In my religion and subsistence and in the Hereafter–(or said: If it is worse for my present and later needs)–Then keep it away from me and let me be away from it. And ordain for me whatever is good for me, And make me satisfied with it). The Prophet added that then the person should name (mention) his need.

Dua salat ul istikhara( Arabic hadith )

اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسْتَخِيرُكَ بِعِلْمِكَ وَأَسْتَقْدِرُكَ بِقُدْرَتِكَ وَأَسْأَلُكَ مِنْ فَضْلِكَ الْعَظِيمِ فَإِنَّكَ تَقْدِرُ وَلَا أَقْدِرُ وَتَعْلَمُ وَلَا أَعْلَمُ وَأَنْتَ عَلَّامُ الْغُيُوبِ اللَّهُمَّ إِنْ كُنْتَ تَعْلَمُ أَنَّ هَذَا الْأَمْرَ خَيْرٌ لِي فِي دِينِي وَمَعَاشِي وَعَاقِبَةِ أَمْرِي فَاقْدُرْهُ لِي وَيَسِّرْهُ لِي ثُمَّ بَارِكْ لِي فِيهِ وَإِنْ كُنْتَ تَعْلَمُ أَنَّ هَذَا الْأَمْرَ شَرٌّ فِي دِينِي وَمَعَاشِي وَعَاقِبَةِ أَمْرِي فَاصْرِفْهُ عَنِّي وَاصْرِفْنِي عَنْهُ وَاقْدُرْ لِيَ الْخَيْرَ حَيْثُ كَانَ ثُمَّ ارْضِنِي بِهِ

Dua salat ul istikhara French (Forum de la grand mosquee de Lyon.)

“O Seigneur je te demande en vertu de Ta Science de choisir pour moi la meilleure
solution. je te demande de me l’accordé en vertu de Ta Prédestination, et je te
demande de me faire bénéficier de Tes faveurs immenses, car Tu as la Puissance et
j’en suis dépourvu, Tu es Celui qui Sait et je suis ignorant(e), et Toi seul connais le
non-manifesté. O Seigneur si Tu sais que cette affaire m’est profitable pour ma vie en
ce monde, pour ma religion ainsi que pour mes fins dernières (ou encor pour mon
avenir immédiat ou lointain), destine la moi, rend la moi accessible et bénis la moi,
mais si Tu sais que cette affaire m’est néfaste, tant pour ma religion que pour ma vie
en ce monde et pour mes fins dernières, éloigne la de moi et éloigne moi d’elle, puis
destine moi le bien où qu’il se trouve et rend moi satisfait(e) d’en avoir bénéficié”
Ensuite, qu’il indique son affaire.
Source of french translation: Forum de la grand mosquee de Lyon.


Things to remember:

1.salat istikhara can be performed as many times you want.

2.It can be performed anywhere and for any purpose.

3.The intentions of istikhara are necessary before the act.

4.It’s not necessary to see the sight or feelings ,you are leaving

the decision in ”Allah’s”‘ hands by this act.

5.Salat al istakhara can be performed when prayers are not allowed

if the matter is urgent.

6.There is no concept of paid istikhara online services just fraud fake.


The chapter has been completed and all the details about what is salat al istikhara ,when and why to perform salat istikhara ,importance need of salat al istikhara ,dua salat al istikhara in English Arabic French have been described so each individual can perform istikhara him/herself and be aware of fake istikhara online services.